Bulletstorm: Delivering a boot to the head!


Bulletstorm is a shooter that comes to us from game developers People Can Fly and Epic Games. PC gamers may remember People Can Fly as the studio that developed the greatly under-appreciated gem, Painkiller. Painkiller was a title built on the foundations of early first-person-shooters like Doom, giving players the ability to move around with great speed and access to a large and varied weapons arsenal. The influence of Painkiller can be felt in Bulletstorm, a game that dares to shirk the current trend of realistic war and modern-day shooters in favor of a fast-paced, over-the-top experience with an arcade-style scoring system.

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Shock & Awe

Natory City Remains - Photo courtesy of The Age

I have been closely following news of the earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan on the 11th of March with mixtures of concern, shock and awe. It was barely three weeks ago that I was in Tokyo where the tsunami seems to have hit hard (albeit not as hard as up in the north east). I count myself fortunate that I was able to see the city before this terrible disaster took place but worry about the numbers of people already confirmed dead, and the greater number that are still missing. The sheer destructive power of the combined quake and tsunami has caused so much devastation and ruined so many lives.

Being back in Australia it all feels kind of far away and unbelievable, but this is the reality, and the death toll continues to rise even as I write. In a piece of good news, my friends Jacob and Chinatsu who guided me through Tokyo are both safe and in good health. That said, the two of them have many friends in Japan; some of which were directly impacted by the tsunami and quake, and others who are missing. I am hoping that Jacob and Chinatsu will be hearing from them all soon.

At this point I am unsure whether I should continue to write about all the positive experiences I had in Japan, or if it would be in poor taste given the current state of the country. Should I continue? Or should I wait until the country has recovered somewhat? I’d like your thoughts.

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Japan Retrospective: Going Solo!

Shosei-en Garden

A few days ago I made my return from Japan. You’ve likely noticed that my last post was made almost two weeks ago and sadly, my plans of updating the blog regularly while I was over there did not really come to fruition. Having returned home and being thrown right back into work, I’ve been using what free time I have to sort out the 2000+ photos I took on my holiday. I’ve finally gotten it all properly stored and arranged, so now it’s time I follow through with my original plan and chronicle the rest of the events of my holiday.

Given that my time is somewhat short I won’t be going as in-depth as I did for my previous holiday posts, but I’ll try to cover all the important stuff at least. Picking up where we had left off, my third day in Kyoto was about to begin and I was going to be on my own for the next six days. Read the rest of this entry »

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