Unstoppable in Skyrim!

With over a hundred hours sunk into Skyrim, I’ve managed to get my warrior up to level 57 with fully maxed out Smithing and Enchanting. Using the best perks on these respective trees, I recently crafted a set of Daedric Armor and a sword, improved them all with smithing to legendary status, then imbued every piece with two very strong enchantments.

Now I can kill giants in just a couple of hits. An entire town’s worth of guards wailing on me is not enough to bring me down. I can pretty much do as I please. Even if I do end up in any hairy situations, I can always summon a pair of Dremora Lords to take some of the heat off me.
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I’m still here in Skyrim!

What an intense glare!

I’ve spent a lot of time with Skyrim now, and honestly it still feels like there’s a wealth of content I’ve yet to see. There are still three major towns I’ve yet to visit, I’m probably only about halfway along the main quest line (I’ve had a lot to distract me), and my journal is positively stuffed with quests I’ve yet to tackle. It’s fully fleshed out experiences like these that remind me why I love gaming so much.

Whiterun Whiterun Forge Tamriel Moon
A Close Encounter of the Draconian Kind Armagon - Spellsword Champion Observatory

March of the Dovahkiin

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Legend Of Zelda Rap

Culminating in a rap battle between Link and Ganondorf, this video made my night. It comes to us from those entertaining chaps at Smosh.com, who regularly produce entertaining videos which I encourage you guys to check out! Other personal favourites include Pokemon in Real Life and First Person Shooters Suck.

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Running wild in Skyrim!

Skyrim is such an amazing game. On my way to a quest objective, I come across a dragon who promptly begins attacking both me and a group of giants and mammoths that happen to be nearby. The dragon seems to lose interest in me altogether as I slay the mammoths that get a little too close for comfort. By the time I’m done, all that leaves is one very pissed off giant, with no dragon in sight. After promptly despatching the giant, a new dragon appears which I take down with the help of my companion and my conjured Dremora warrior.

For those who may wonder, my character is a Nord warrior that primarily specializes in combat and conjuration, with heavy armor and restoration spells to keep me in the fight.

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Getting lost in Skyrim!

Shit just got real.

So I’ve been blasting away at Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim since the day of launch, and I have to say it’s pretty much everything I hoped it would be. Immense in scope, compelling in atmosphere, and thrilling in combat. Bethesda have succeeded admirably in improving upon the already excellent formula they established in Oblivion, with a streamlined leveling system and much more distinctive environments that ultimately prove more memorable as a result. Steam reports that I’ve spent about 23 hours playing it so far (which is a lot considering I’ve been working the past four days), and I still feel as though I’ve barely scratched the surface of this massive game.

Skyrim has completely overshadowed any of the other games that I was taking an interest in for this holiday season. I’d only just started playing my copy of Dark Souls on my PS3, with Batman Arkham City also sitting there begging to be played, not to mention Battlefield 3 which was next in line after my beloved dark knight. Heck, I was working on a new and fairly elaborate construction in Minecraft too, but even that has received half an hour of play at most.

I could spend a few thousand words talking about all the things I love about Skyrim, but honestly, I’d rather spend this time actually playing. For now I’d like to leave you with a selection of snaps from my time in the beautiful world that Bethesda has crafted.

My Nordic champion surveys the land before him. The mountain vistas are stunning. The village of Whiterun under peaceful skies.
Whiterun keep in all it's glory! Even the more understated buildings make for nice snaps! The Mead Hall where the companions are!
A stormcloak encampment allows me to find some respite. Armagon's looking just a little more decked out now! Solitary is a lovely place, just watch your step around the imperial guards.

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