A lone armored ninja looks out across the land…

Angeloopy looks out across the land.

I really just wanted to share this image I snapped while Angeloopy and I were scoping out possible building sites in Minecraft. It is my desire to create a tower that can be seen from our starting spawn and that, ideally, new players could see the rest of our work from. I’ve already laid down some foundations, so I may have some screenshots for you guys tomorrow. It depends how nuts I decide to go. One thing that I think this image really hammers home though, is that there are times when Minecraft can really be gorgeous to look at.

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Minecraft: Presenting Plate City!

A month’s worth of effort, this is what I was working on before Skyrim came out, and finally took the time to finish over this past week. It began as a single plate-like structure, connected to my bridge. The intention was that I would build a small village of some sort on top of it. Realizing that it was too small a space to really do more than a couple of buildings, I decided to expand, and built two more plates directly below the first one, with each connected to a strong central pillar.

Building these plates alone was a mammoth task, as I was required to repeatedly go on mining trips for stone and precious ores to keep myself supplied with the necessary equipment. I occasionally received assistance (primarily in gathering stone) from both of my friends, Angeloopy and RhynoPengers, but for the most part the project was a solo effort.
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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hey guys, just wanted to touch base for a minute to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas! Regardless of whether you celebrate the holiday or not, it’s still a great time to spend with friends and loved ones and I hope each and every one of you is as fortunate as I am to be surrounded by a loving family and friends. If nothing else, it’s a damn fine opportunity to catch up on some relaxation time and to work through those gaming piles-of-shame before we are hurled fresh-faced into the new year. Me, I’ll be enjoying a lovely family dinner and the company of some fine friends, with possibly a stint of gaming as the night comes to a close. We’ll see I guess, peace out everyone!

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PokéAwesome РAn EgoRaptor Parody!

I’ve been a fan of EgoRaptor’s work for quite some time now. Talented in both voice acting and animation, he is perhaps most well known for his work on the Metal Gear Awesome. I particularly like his knack for making his characters really expressive through the simplification or tremendous exaggeration of their features. Other personal favourites of mine include Awesome Noire, Awesome Gaiden & Awesome Center Redux. You guys should check out the rest of his stuff if like what you’ve seen here!

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Le Internet Medley

If you consider yourself fairly well-versed in internet memes, this video will likely evoke the same sense of glee in you that it did in me.

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