Minecraft: Starting Anew

A few weeks ago, my friend Angeloopy and I decided we would start building in an entirely new area, while leaving our previous constructions intact. We journeyed a considerable distance, seeing some really nice areas along the way.

Traveling over hillsides and rivers... Angeloopy and I tended to act like twits... But some of the sights were worth the journey.

Eventually we reached the location that Angeloopy had picked. The landscape as a whole was impressive, plenty of high cliffs and a deep valley, all just begging to be built on. We got ourselves settled in with the basic food necessities (a giant wheat farm) and we each set out and began mining. Once I had gathered enough resources, I began to build. Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s time for another adventure!

Woooo Japan!

I’ve spent the last few weeks agonizing over what I wanted to do with my next holiday. I’ve been putting money aside steadily for months now, set on taking a trip sometime early in 2012. Originally I contemplated a trip across Europe, but that felt that particular trip called for more than a couple of weeks leave and ideally would be a journey I would share with someone else, whether they be friend or partner. The other idea that appealed to me was visiting New York City in the United States, a sorely tempting prospect as I definitely want to be visit that place at least once in my life.

But tucked away, always in the back of my mind, was the desire to return to Japan. As I worked yesterday, I found myself quietly reminiscing my travels. And I just couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! Europe and New York aren’t going anywhere. Right now, more than anything I want to see more of that wonderful country whose culture has so influenced my life and interests. Once more, I will go to Japan! I’ve paid for my ticket and will be departing Australian shores in the early hours of the 31st of March. This time, I’ll be able to see Japan during the Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season, where the natural scenery will hopefully be at its most stunning.

I will be going to Kyoto once again, partially to revisit locations where the Sakura apparently bloom in great and bountiful quantities and to visit areas that I missed the first time around, such as Arashiyama (which apparently is at its best during the Hanami season). I plan on taking a few train trips to Osaka as well, as last time I only got to see it for a few brief hours on the way back from Port Kobe and I am keen to see some of its sights. I am undecided as to whether I will revisit Tokyo yet. I would rather like to see Ueno park with the Sakura in full blossom, and I’d be happy to visit Akihabara again! The fact of the matter though is that I ultimately preferred Kyoto, even though it lacked some of the spectacle of the Japanese capital.

For now I will do some more research and see how my schedule looks once I’ve factored in the things I plan on seeing. I plan to spend at least two weeks there and this time I won’t have my good buddy Jake on standby for translation and general assistance since he’s currently living in Australia. With some luck though I may get to see a familiar face or two while I’m over there. Even if I don’t, based off my prior experiences, I am confident that I’ll get on just fine.

Now the countdown begins. March 31st can’t come quick enough!

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I’m Badman!

So I’ve been a fan of College Humor for quite some time now. They tend to put out entertaining videos with great consistency, and more recently they’ve been taking the piss out of Batman, particularly the recent movies. What I love about these parodies is that pretty much all of them make Batman look as though he were retarded, an image at strong odds with that of the world’s greatest detective. Check these out!

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