Starbound: Still going!

What a lovely grove!

Hey guys, just realized I haven’t updated in quite a long time, and I apologize to those who actually take the time to check my blog here regularly. Between my day job and my work on Starbound, I’ve been tremendously busy. The many hours that I would usually have whiled away playing games after a long day of work have continued to be sunk into Starbound’s frenzied development instead. It’s starting to really come together to the point where it’s feeling like an actual, playable game, as opposed to a sandbox built from an engine that is nothing short of coding wizardry in my eyes.

While my primary focus for the majority of the development has been dungeons, there has been a bit of a shake-up in my usual proceedings, as I’ve picked up my microphone for the first time in a few months and started recording some early monster samples for our creature generation system. It’s still unclear just how far I’ll be going with this aspect, I think it’s quite likely I’ll be drawing upon some real animal sound samples for inspiration in the near future, but provided Tiyuri is pleased with the samples I have provided so far (or nobody else from the team has any major reservations), I’m pretty confident I have a good direction downpat for the critters that will be populating our worlds on Starbound. In the meantime, Im going to continue working on the Floran villages with one of the resident artists on the Chucklefish team, Rho.

Thanks for tuning in for this brief update, rest assured I’m still enjoying myself immensely with Starbound’s development and I intend to continue working in this fashion for the foreseeable future to come.

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Need a laugh today?

Hey guys! I’m still hard at work on Starbound, but I really wanted to share this video I came across today on Kotaku. One of the best videos I’ve seen this year! It’s a compilation of various glitches and physics bugs from Skate 3 that player, Helix Snake, captured on video for our amusement. Take a look!

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