Kintamani: I just wanted to share the view!

Kintamani Panorama

I took this photo in the Kintamani area of Bali, where you can see the still-active volcano Mount Batur. Creating this panorama involved manually stitching together six images and doing everything I could to eliminate the seams. There are programs you can use for quick panorama creations, but I find there are usually still some seams and there’s a certain satisfaction in doing it yourself. The view was spectacular and I felt a cropped photo simply wouldn’t do it justice. I think the results speak for themselves.

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Hide & Go Eve: A League of Legends Party Game

So some friends and I came up with our own fun little game you can play in League of Legends that we’re calling “Hide & Go Eve”. It’s very straight-forward to play, but does require you understand a few basic rules. In a nutshell the objective is to locate the stealthed champion Evelynn and to be the player that kills her. Here’s a complete breakdown for you if you’d like to try this out with some friends! Read the rest of this entry »

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Risk Of Rain: A promising indie title that should be on your radar!

Risk Of Rain is an indie title from Hopoo Games that Chucklefish will be publishing in the near future, so I was asked to put together the above trailer as a side project to my work on Starbound. Having only seen a couple of screenshots a month or so prior, I had paid the game precious little attention. While it looked quite nice aesthetically, it was difficult to really gleam what the game was about from a few screenshots. Apparently, I wasn’t the only person who felt this way. The chief concern Hopoo Games and Chucklefish’s own Tiyuri wanted to address with this trailer is helping the viewer to understand what the game is really about. Having played the game now quite extensively, I decided I’d like to talk a bit about it, because in all honesty, it’s really good! Read the rest of this entry »

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