PAX Australia: What a blast!

It didn't take long for the expo hall to fill up!

So PAX Australia has come and gone, and I think it’s safe to say it was a resounding success, as personally, I had a great time (a sentiment a lot of my fellow PAX-goers have been sharing of late)! There was a good mix of upcoming and recently released games to try out, Riot Games made a very strong showing with League of Legends, there was some really cool cosplay going on, and I finally got my hands on the Oculus Rift! Read the rest of this entry »

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PAX Australia, here I come!

PAX Australia

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Melbourne where I’ll be spending three days at the Penny Arcade Expo. This is the first time PAX has happened outside of America, and I was delighted to be given the opportunity to go to one much closer to home, as this is the closest thing to an E3 this country has ever had. I’m allowing myself a couple of days to meander around Melbourne as well, but really, PAX is the main reason I’m there.

I’m looking forward to catching a bunch of the panels with the veterans of our industry, and maybe checking out the Xbox One (even if I am still a bit skeptical about it). Honestly the thing I hope will be there more than anything else, is a setup with an Oculus Rift. Please let someone have brought a rift to the show! I’m dying to try out this tech that could very well be the future of PC gaming!

In other news, I recently put together this new trailer for Risk Of Rain, which Hopoo Games just announced would include online co-op. This is fantastic news, since the game is already a great deal of fun to play in single player. Being able to bring some buds along is most welcome!

Seriously, check this game out. It’s a great deal of fun! I’ll see you guys again in a week!

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