A Question On Sound Design

Recently I had one someone ask me about the nature of my sound work on Starbound and by the time I was done writing my comment, I realized I’d provided such a detailed answer that I may as well share it here in case it was of interest to anybody else.

“So, what kind of sound design do you do for Starbound? Just any random sounds that need to be made? It would be awesome to see a Starbound development video of you doing some sound mixing or whatever it is you do.

Also, why aren’t you a music composer for Starbound too? :3″
– Sol Ritzow

Right now, sound design is one of those duties I tackle whenever there’s a pressing need or can afford to spare the time to do it. It tends to be deemed one of the less critical areas at this stage of the game’s development, and I almost always have my hands full with a tasks that are critical to getting the game to a finished state. Read the rest of this entry »

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