It’s nice to spoil yourself sometimes.

Gandalf The White

I’ve been saving money for quite some time now, and I’d long been thinking of upgrading my camera to something higher quality, so yesterday I indulged and picked up a Canon 650D. I don’t tend to do a lot of photography at home, but when I travel I tend to go all snap-happy, and I figured since I’m due to take two trips in a couple of months, why not? I’ve spent the better part of my day playing around with it, getting familiar with how it all works and mostly trying to wrap my head around HDR photography.

For the most part I feel I’ve successfully come to grips with it, so from this point on it’s simply a matter of practice and finding my own style. After spending some time with the trial, I ended up buying a copy of Photomatix, a program recommended by photographer Trey Ratcliff for HDR editing, and it has proven a powerful and easy-to-use tool for this kind of work. Here’s one I knocked up with a hastily taken shot of a local street. For the sake of comparison I touched up the normal shot with colour and contrast changes similar to those I made in the HDR shot.

HDR Comparison Shots

The fact something as mundane as a suburban street can become interesting with HDR excites me a great deal, just think what it could do for shots of more exotic places! Without HDR most of my Japan photos came out great, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can do on my next holiday with such a high quality camera under my belt!

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