Time for a refresh!

A Proud Display

Today I was struck with the realization that many pages on this site were years out of date, most notably my portfolio. Well I simply couldn’t let that stand, so I’ve spent some time updating things! It’s interesting seeing how my photography and video editing have developed in the past few years; the quality difference is pretty pronounced, in my eyes. But don’t take my word for it, you should check them out for yourself!

Later folks!

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Let’s put a fresh spin on an old face!

Just a quick one today guys! I simply had to share this awesome avatar that was drawn for me by the very talented Grace Liu. She’s worked with some seriously big studios, and it’s not hard to see why. You should check out the rest of her stuff over on her DeviantArt page!


I’ll try to do a proper update soon!

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Kintamani: I just wanted to share the view!

Kintamani Panorama

I took this photo in the Kintamani area of Bali, where you can see the still-active volcano Mount Batur. Creating this panorama involved manually stitching together six images and doing everything I could to eliminate the seams. There are programs you can use for quick panorama creations, but I find there are usually still some seams and there’s a certain satisfaction in doing it yourself. The view was spectacular and I felt a cropped photo simply wouldn’t do it justice. I think the results speak for themselves.

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Yup, I officially love HDR photography.

St George's Tce

So on Saturday I ended up wandering around Perth for a few of hours after my shift finished, using the opportunity to experiment further with my new camera. I have to be honest, I don’t find Perth that interesting a city to photograph. I suppose in large part it’s because of how utterly familiar it is to me. It’s a nice, but small and relatively uninteresting city compared to most others. It doesn’t have a long history, and it certainly doesn’t have much in the way of impressive landmarks. I generally prefer taking photos of things I want to remember, which is why I typically will take a lot of photos when on holiday, but almost never use my cameras when I’m at home.

Whilst the majority of the photos I felt weren’t really interesting enough to bother editing and applying the HDR pizzaz too, there were a handful that came out a great deal better than I had expected. Where on camera they had looked washed out and ruined, in Photomatix they absolutely came to life, rich with vibrant colour! I’m still new to this HDR stuff, but I feel I’m picking it up pretty quickly. So far I have typically kept things closer to the realistic end of the spectrum, at the very least I’d like to keep out of the clown vomit trap that most HDR newcomers tend to fall into. If it suits the photo, I’m sure I’ll cross that line sooner or later, but for now, I figure I should keep things looking relatively natural. Let’s see how I go!

A father and daughter enjoying a stroll along Hay St.

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It’s nice to spoil yourself sometimes.

Gandalf The White

I’ve been saving money for quite some time now, and I’d long been thinking of upgrading my camera to something higher quality, so yesterday I indulged and picked up a Canon 650D. I don’t tend to do a lot of photography at home, but when I travel I tend to go all snap-happy, and I figured since I’m due to take two trips in a couple of months, why not? I’ve spent the better part of my day playing around with it, getting familiar with how it all works and mostly trying to wrap my head around HDR photography. Read the rest of this entry »

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