I’m Badman!

So I’ve been a fan of College Humor for quite some time now. They tend to put out entertaining videos with great consistency, and more recently they’ve been taking the piss out of Batman, particularly the recent movies. What I love about these parodies is that pretty much all of them make Batman look as though he were retarded, an image at strong odds with that of the world’s greatest detective. Check these out!

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The Things I’ve Seen

I see you!

The past month or so has been packed with fun activities for yours truly. As far as cinema visitations go (and they don’t happen often, as I generally prefer to buy films outright on DVD or Blu-Ray), recent ones have been very enjoyable. I’ve also had my free time melted away by a few different game titles (with more still to come over the next couple of months). Here’s a quick rundown for you folks! Read the rest of this entry »

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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

When I learnt that a Prince of Persia movie was being made, my initial response was one of trepidation. The track record for film adaptations of video games is not a pretty one. While some efforts have been decent (the Resident Evil and Silent Hill movies spring to mind), they weren’t exactly everything fans hoped they would be either. My concerns were eased somewhat when I discovered that Jerry Bruckheimer was on production duties for this one. Even if you are unfamiliar with the man’s name, chances are good that you are plenty familiar with his work; specifically, the rambunctious and highly enjoyable Pirates of the Caribbean movies. In the Director’s seat was Mike Newell, who’s previous work includes most notably the film adaptation of Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire. What was most comforting however was learning that Jordan Mechner, the lead designer and writer on the original Sands of Time was responsible for the screenplay for the film adaptation. Read the rest of this entry »

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