This man can sing anything!

My friend put me on to this fellow yesterday. Nick Pitera is a singer, and a bloody good one, with a vocal range that is nothing short of insane. He is capable of tackling both male and female vocals with ease, with a quality of singing that I honestly did not expect. He seems mostly to perform covers of well-loved and instantly recognizable songs. The talent on display here is just so amazing I had to share it. Here are just a couple of his videos that particularly impressed me.

Pitera has done many more song covers aside from these that are well worth checking out! You can find them at his YouTube channel.

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The Video Game Rock Medley!

I’ve safely returned home from wonderful Japan, and am in the process of unpacking my things. I intend to continue my writing about Japan soon, but I just had to share this amazing music video with you guys. This fellow FreddeGredde has put together a ten minute long medley, comprised of many of video gaming’s most iconic musical themes. The impressive part is that he performs almost every part himself and even edited together this snappy video. Nice work mate!

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Le Internet Medley

If you consider yourself fairly well-versed in internet memes, this video will likely evoke the same sense of glee in you that it did in me.

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Legend Of Zelda Rap

Culminating in a rap battle between Link and Ganondorf, this video made my night. It comes to us from those entertaining chaps at, who regularly produce entertaining videos which I encourage you guys to check out! Other personal favourites include Pokemon in Real Life and First Person Shooters Suck.

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Dubstep As Dance

So this is something I found both impressive and a bit unnerving. Some of the moves on display in this video seem like they should be impossible, and yet this fellow pulls it all off rather convincingly. I can hardly imagine the amount of physical conditioning this kind of dance requires. It’s a truly fascinating display of agility and clever choreography.

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