Time for a refresh!

A Proud Display

Today I was struck with the realization that many pages on this site were years out of date, most notably my portfolio. Well I simply couldn’t let that stand, so I’ve spent some time updating things! It’s interesting seeing how my photography and video editing have developed in the past few years; the quality difference is pretty pronounced, in my eyes. But don’t take my word for it, you should check them out for yourself!

Later folks!

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Starbound: Sharing the fun of April!

I told you guys I’d been working hard on the sound recently, and I’ve been granted permission to share a sample of my work with all of you. So here it is!

I kid really, this video was part of an April Fool’s joke I played on the Chucklefish team. I replaced all the existing gun sounds I had previously implemented with the sounds you hear in the video above, which is entirely consistent of me trying to impersonate gun blasts and explosions with my mouth. Rest assured I’ve done much better work than this, but I thought it’d be nice to share the fun of April Fool’s with the community, even if it is a day after the fact.

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Need a laugh today?

Hey guys! I’m still hard at work on Starbound, but I really wanted to share this video I came across today on Kotaku. One of the best videos I’ve seen this year! It’s a compilation of various glitches and physics bugs from Skate 3 that player, Helix Snake, captured on video for our amusement. Take a look!

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More Badman for your viewing pleasure!

Gotta say I really love these Batman parodies that College Humor have been putting out from time to time. Most recently these two gems that I just had to share!

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So these guys made a pretty convincing Portal gun!

This was too awesome not to share with you guys. The editing and composite is exceptionally well done, giving a pretty believable impression of this being a real portal gun! Great work guys!

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