Starbound: A Happy Holiday Update!

Starbound Christmas By Gamigeek

Hey guys, wanted to drop a line to wish everybody happy holidays! Hopefully life is treating you as well as it is treating me. I’m still chipping away at the cave stuff presently, with occasional asides for the sound stuff. You guys have likely already seen the work-in-progress screenshot I put out on my twitter, but in case you haven’t, here it is again!

Much to my delight, our monsters in game now sound off appropriately, and while it does feel a little weird knowing that all the sounds were ones I made by pushing my vocal chords to their limit, they seem to fit quite nicely. Barring a few tweaks, everyone seems happy with the direction I’ve taken them so far, which is always reassuring when you’re trying something you’ve never done before! I’d like to produce as many monster sound sets as possible myself, but I’m probably going to have to get some actual animal sources eventually, as there’s only so many sounds I can achieve with my own voice.

To celebrate this holiday season, here’s a small sample of the sort of stuff you can expect from our monsters in the game!

A taste of what’s to come…

Also for those wondering, the image at the top comes to us courtesy of Starbound forum-goer WackyWocky, who painstakingly crafted this Christmas celebration with all of the Starbound developers in it! The dude deserves some kudos so head on over to the original thread if you haven’t already!

I know I don’t make these blog posts very often so I appreciate the time you guys take to visit this site! I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas (or whatever you choose to celebrate) and a happy new year!

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