Starbound: Improving every day!

Glitch Castle

The Glitch’s castle dungeon has proven to be one of the trickiest to work on, as there are a lot of challenges involved in making an above-ground dungeon. First and foremost, there’s the random factor; I have to allow for any rooms and chambers to be placed anywhere within the structure, without making it feel overtly unrealistic in its placement and ensuring a player can progress naturally. I could easily make a variety of rooms and chambers in whatever size I want, with little regard for how they all connect together, but then you would end up with said rooms floating in the air with absolutely no structural support and generally looking weird.

Thankfully, I have finally gotten it to a place where I feel things are being pieced together in a cohesive way and looking good, so for now I’ve pretty much wrapped up my work on the Glitch castle and am moving on to one I had barely started months ago. I’d still like to go back and add more to it in the future, probably after Starbound launches, but the beauty of our setup is that any modder will be able to freely add their own rooms and designs to it too if they wish!

My work aside, things are really exciting right now with lots of cool new features showing up in Starbound across the board. A couple of weeks ago, our coder OmnipotentEntity wrapped up work on our space travel system! With all the art assets knocked out by GeorgeV, Rho and Legris, it’s looking absolutely amazing right now, making interplanetary travel feel appropriately dramatic! During the journey players will be free to move about their ship, prepare supplies, craft new gear or just get comfortable and enjoy the ride. Importantly, we also now have the ability to jump into another player’s ship and travel together!

Our randomly generated weapons continue to improve as well, as Tiyuri and our artists add more and more interesting projectile types to the growing list. I’ve found myself often exploring the possibilities, giving myself all kinds of different weapons to see what’s new. My favourite right now is a plasma sniper rifle called the “Badass Stormeagle”. This little beauty shoots condensed blasts of energy that either explode upon contact with an enemy, or stick to the terrain, effectively becoming proximity mines. These will then explode either when an enemy comes close enough or after the five second timer has run out. It’s really fun to use!

Plasma sniper with electro bolts!

The part I’m personally finding most exciting is how rapidly our combat is improving. Almost every day I’m seeing new behaviours or new projectile attacks from the randomly-generated monsters, some effectively chasing you down with charging attacks, others who actively keep away while spitting acid in your direction, and others still that will pounce on you from a distance with alarming speed. These are just a handful of the behaviours I’ve seen from our ground-based enemies, and apparently even more are on the way. That’s not even factoring in the upcoming addition of flying creatures, ocean creatures and humanoids from each race who will fight with the same type of gear as our players! I’m looking forward to seeing them populate our dungeons as we get closer to completion.

I’ve not even touched upon the recent completion our crafting system, the work on our codex system and object blueprints, or the fact we now have planets floating in the sky. The whole team is really coming together to make something extraordinary, and I for one could not be prouder to be a part of it!

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  1. claudekennilol says:

    Thanks for the update. It’s amazing how much progress has been made recently. With Molly showing us how easy it will be to add items to the game (specifically she showed us how to add an animated, uh, wall-placable item) and the repeated Dev responses that say how easy it will be to add new content, this is going to be a freakishly huge game with the amount of content that will be out from users.

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