Starbound: The team’s still working hard!

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By now I’m sure it’s apparent that any speculation for a Q1 2013 release has proven to be overly-optimistic given the ambitious scope of a project like Starbound, but everybody on board is still hard at work and we’re on the cusp of hitting a major internal milestone which we couldn’t be more excited by! Right now the main goal is polishing up all the the core gameplay mechanics that elevate Starbound from being just a sandbox into something with an overarching goal and compelling rewards for our players. Our coders are hard at work on making this a reality and they have been consistently churning out some absolutely phenomenal stuff as of late, with only greater things to come!

Our artists on the other hand have been working on a lot of different bits and pieces ranging from dungeon elements to the user interface, but particular focus has been placed on producing some awesome-looking gear for players to look forward to creating and discovering as they explore the many worlds that populate the galaxy. The image up top is only a very small sample of early game gear and showcases quite neatly just how much customization we already have across the board. When you factor in that most of these armor pieces will come with handy mods and augmentations that will bolster your survivability and/or mobility, the capacity to play the game your way only increases!

I personally am still squeezing in work wherever I can. My focus has returned to the sound recently, as feedback from internal testers is that our weapons could use more variety sound-wise, so I’m doing my best to flesh things out with more sounds for them to choose from. I have also begun to add more creature sound sets, so ideally there should be some really good variety there as time goes on. I’m doing the best I can and hopefully if I’ve done my job right by the time the game is out, you won’t even notice it.

While I’m at it, I’d also like to give a shout out to Curtis Schweitzer who has continued to dazzle us on the team with his stirring musical compositions for Starbound, much of which you can listen to freely on the website!

We appreciate the excitement and patience a lot of you have shown while waiting for our game, and believe me when I say we’re just as eager to get Starbound into the hands of the players as soon as possible, but it’s important to us not to deliver a half-baked product. Whilst continued support after the first year is firmly in mind, we want there to be enough stuff in the game at launch to keep you guys playing for a very long time, without relying on post-release content. I hope you guys can understand and bear with us a bit longer, good things are coming!

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3 Responses to “Starbound: The team’s still working hard!”

  1. Jason F says:

    Good luck and keep on trucking!

  2. Charles says:

    Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to starbound…

  3. Andy says:

    Trust me, all the level headed fans out there understand that a good game takes time to make.

    We’re anxious as hell, but we’ll politely wait. Keep it up, guys!

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