I come from a family with a musical background, so I have been mixing and producing songs from a young age. I started off using royalty-free sound loops in programs like Dance eJay, but more recently I compose in programs like GarageBand and Mixcraft Pro, which enables me to produce original tracks with ease. What you will find here are a selection of songs I have produced using various music suites. Some of these tracks are years old, so I’m afraid I don’t remember all the specifics very well but I’ll do my best to highlight what I was going for with each track.

If the flash players in the page do not work for some reason, make sure any script-blockers you have are turned off and that your flash player is fully up-to-date. If you wish to download my work for your own listening pleasure, the song titles are direct links to the MP3 files, so you can save them by right-clicking on them and selecting “save as”.

Sven Plays Theme 3.0

The latest iteration of my Sven Plays theme. I was aiming for a sound somewhere between my previous two iterations.

Sven Plays Theme 2.0

After my mac died on me, I did some research, looking for a good music recording software that would work on Windows. Mixcraft came highly recommended, so after a short trial period, I bought the pro suite and set out to recompose the Sven Plays theme with fresh instrumentation. I think it came out pretty good!

Sven Plays Theme

The first Sven Plays theme. This was more or less a cut down sample from my older song Glorious Ascension, but with some changes to the mix and totally rewritten percussion.

Glorious Ascension

The original track that my Sven Plays theme is derived from. This was the first song I produced under my GarageBand setup. I wanted to create a dance track with a slight video game feel, so electronic synthesizers feature heavily, though I also used some gentle piano melodies to cool things down. My favorite bit is from 2:08 to 2:34 where I feel the culmination of high-pitched synthesizers gives it an almost retro video game feel. If I have any criticism to make of it now, is that the bass line too frequently overwhelms the other instruments and would have benefited from a smoother sound.

Glorious Ascension (Piano Version)

I made this more somber piano version of Glorious Ascension to serve as a winding down tune for my Sven Plays videos. I’ve always found it interesting just how changing the tempo of a melody can create such contrasting moods.

Scarlet Haze

The second track I produced in GarageBand, this time around I wanted something distinctly faster-paced with layer upon layer of melodies building up and eventually blending together. This was also my first time experimenting with the guitar synths in GB, which I think sound pretty good considering they aren’t the real thing.

Scarlet Haze (Extended Version)

This is an updated version of Scarlet Haze with a new mandolin string part that kicks in around the 2:24 mark. This would be the finished version were it not for the fact that the newly-added instrument crackles occasionally in a highly undesirable fashion, so at this point I’m trying to find a better soundfont to replace it.

Prelude to the Victorious (Incomplete)

This track was an experiment for me on many levels. I wanted to see if I had what it takes to compose an orchestral piece, as I’ve long had a fondness for symphonic music but had often felt I lacked the ability to produce it. This was also my first time using Fruity Loops Studio, a music suite I’d heard good things about. Ultimately I found FL Studio horrible to use due to its cluttered user interface, and the simple act of composing was so long-winded in the software that I lost patience with it and as a result, the track was never finished. I would eventually like to take another stab at an orchestral piece, but for now this short, incomplete track will stand as my only attempt.


This is a track I produced several years ago. The reason this particular track stood out for me was that this was the second track I ever produced with my own melodies. I hadn’t used Dance eJay for years, so when I discovered that the latest version gave you the ability to make your own melody loops using built-in synthesizers, I delighted in being able to finally compose something that was my own. Whilst my inexperience shows in the poor equalization and generally muddy sound, having the freedom to compose my own tunes pushed me to further experimentation later on.


This was the very first track I produced with the new loop composing tools of Dance eJay. At the time I was proud of my original composition, but looking back on it now, I feel this is a much weaker track than Underground and any of my more recent works. The choice of instruments don’t blend quite so nicely, and the track is horrendously repetitive with generic dance loops that now irk me like crazy. That said, I learned a great deal while working on this piece, which is why I feel it warrants a mention.

Badnik Boss Fight

This was my first attempt at remixing a video game song. The original was the Act 1 Boss track from Sonic & Knuckles on the Sega Genesis. Looking back on it now, I wish I’d made more of an effort to make it something more distinctly my own, as it’s really more of a reorchestration than a remix, but I still like the track and others have told me they do too, so I’ll leave it up here for you guys to listen to.

As time goes on I’m hoping to add even more tracks to this page, so if you like what you hear, please feel free to check back from time to time.