Starbound is a title I got involved with in July of 2012, an ambitious indie title in development by a bunch of gamers from all around the world under the banner of Chucklefish Games! Starbound can be thought of as a spiritual successor to Terraria, with the promise of a procedurally generated universe, ripe for exploration. Every world, a new adventure with its own wildlife and sometimes inhabited by other humanoids who may either welcome you or attack you on sight!

I serve two primary roles in the development of this title; sound and level design.

Sound design is pretty much what you’d expect, I’m responsible for finding and creating appropriate sounds for all of the game’s creatures, weapons, objects, and the environment itself. This task has been rife with challenges so far, but I’m enjoying myself immensely.

The Outpost Is Bustling

Level design entails designing story missions for the player to tackle, as well as crafting a slew of dynamically generated dungeons. On any given planet, there’s a chance that one of these unique dungeons may appear, begging to be explored and looted. These dungeons are generated using rooms and chambers we create, which in turn utilizes the multitude of assets created by our artists. My goal ultimately is to create spaces that will provide players with some genuine excitement and wonder!

My two primary duties aside, I’ve also had a hand in developing the game’s combat, economy, and numerous other systems. Sometimes I even get to work on promotional videos for the game; like the launch trailer at the top of this page, or this one below that shows off the diverse range of biomes you could encounter in Starbound!

It’s all time-consuming work, but the game being improved and expanded constantly! When it’s all said and done; with the sheer amount of procedurally generated content we have, our players should have plenty to keep them busy!

Starbound is available as a part of Steam’s early access program right now, with development actively ongoing. Our plan is to hit version 1.0 before the year is out, and to continue supporting the game with fresh new content for years to come! For many of us on the team, Starbound is shaping up to be our dream game, so we hope you’ll enjoy playing it as much as we’re enjoying making it!