Here I have compiled some of my best works; why not take a look? If you would like to request my services in any of these areas, feel free to get in touch with me via email, I check it daily.

St. Paul's Millenium The Enticing Glow of St. Peter's Dusk Over Venice
Himeji Alley Yoshida Shrine Daikaku-ji Temple
Tōdai-ji Arashiyama Hillside Central Kyoto
The Ever Lovely Venice Old Kyoto Tokyo City Development
Bountiful Sakura A Proud Display Yoyogi Park
Breathtaking Kintamani

Video Edits

Art & Design
Michelle Breath Ellie
Stepmania Lightwave Convergence The Reddest Rose
Music: The Universal Language Self-Portrait Pixel Art Gazelle - An energy drink logo concept.